System Operator


System Operator Courses

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ES90GAdvanced Parallel Sysplex Operations and Recovery Workshop4,5 days€ 3.800,00
TSOAAdvanced TSO/ISPF3 days€ 2.460,00
ES19GBasics of z/OS RACF Administration4,5 days€ 3.800,00
CICSCFCICS Concepts and Facilities2 days€ 1.640,00
CICSPTCICS Performance & Tuning5 days€ 3.800,00
WM806GCICS V5.3 Fundamentals3 days€ 2.460,00
CV842GDB2 10 for z/OS Database Administration Part 23 days€ 2.460,00
CV871GDB2 10 for z/OS Utilities for Database Administrators3 days€ 2.460,00
CV851GDB2 10 for zOS System Administration5 days€ 3.800,00
CV963GDB2 11 for z/OS Application Performance and Tuning5 days€ 3.800,00
DB2ZRDB2 11 for z/OS Recovery5 days€ 3.800,00
CV843GDB2 11 for zOS Database Administration Workshop Part 23 days€ 2.460,00
CV852GDB2 11 for zOS System Administration5 days€ 3.800,00
DB2TUDB2 11 Transition and Update1 days€ 820,00
CV844GDb2 12 for z/OS Basic Database Administration3 days€ 2.460,00
CV853GDb2 12 for z/OS Introduction to System Administration3 days€ 2.460,00
CV964GDb2 12 for z/OS SQL Performance and Tuning3 days€ 2.460,00
CV880GDb2 12 for zOS Advanced Database Administration2 days€ 1.640,00
DB2DSIDB2 for z/OS Data Sharing Implementation3 days€ 2.460,00
DB2DSPTDB2 for z/OS Data Sharing Performance Tuning2 days€ 1.640,00
DB2DSRRDB2 for z/OS Data Sharing Recovery and Restart2 days€ 1.640,00
DB2ZOUDB2 for z/OS Operations and Utilities2 days€ 1.640,00
DB2ZSPDB2 for z/OS Stored Procedures2 days€ 1.640,00
DB2ODB2 Overview2 days€ 1.640,00
CE121GDB2 SQL Workshop2 days€ 1.640,00
CE131GDB2 SQL Workshop for Experienced Users2,5 days€ 2.460,00
BE87GEffective RACF Administration4,5 days€ 3.800,00
ZOSPATEffective z/OS Problem Analysis Techniques3 days€ 2.460,00
ES10GFundamental System Skills in z/OS5 days€ 3.800,00
HMCOPHMC (Hardware Management Console) for Operational Personnel2 days€ 1.640,00
CMODZIBM Content Manager OnDemand for z/OS CMOD3 days€ 2.460,00
WM302GIBM MQ System Administration for z/OS4 days€ 3.040,00
WM312GIBM MQ V8 Advanced System Administration for z/OS4 days€ 3.040,00
SM917GIBM System Automation for z/OS 4.1 Architecture2,5 days€ 2.460,00
SM937GIBM System Automation for z/OS 4.1 Implementation and Administration5 days€ 3.800,00
ES24GIBM System z Hardware Management Console (HMC) Operations2 days€ 1.640,00
ES73GIBM System z Parallel Sysplex Operations3 days€ 2.460,00
TM405GIBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS 9.2 Scheduling and Operations4 days€ 3.040,00
ES84GImplementing RACF Security for CICS/ESA and CICS/TS4,5 days€ 3.800,00
IDBRCIMS Data Base Recovery Control (DBRC)4 days€ 3.040,00
CM30GIMS Database Performance and Tuning5 days€ 3.800,00
CM20GIMS Database Recovery Control (DBRC)5 days€ 3.800,00
CM01GIMS Fundamentals3 days€ 2.460,00
IMSPMTIMS Performance Monitoring and Tuning3 days€ 2.460,00
IMSTIIMS Technical Introduction3 days€ 2.460,00
CV021GIntroduction to DB2 for zOS for Systems and Operations Personnel3 days€ 2.460,00
JES2OJES2 for Operators3 days€ 2.460,00
JES3OJES3 Operators Overview1 days€ 820,00
MQA2MQ Administration Part 23 days€ 2.460,00
MQAZ1MQ Administration z/OS Part 14 days€ 3.040,00
MQSECMQ Security2 days€ 1.640,00
PSPDParallel Sysplex Operations and Problem Determination2 days€ 1.640,00
PSTOParallel Sysplex Technical Overview2 days€ 1.640,00
QMFQMF Workshop2 days€ 1.640,00
RACFACRACF – Audit and Compliance Roadmap4 days€ 3.040,00
RACFADMRACF Administration5 days€ 3.800,00
SMSOSMS Overview1 days€ 820,00
SM927GSystem Automation for z/OS 4.1 Operations3,5 days€ 3.040,00
CB69GTCP/IP for z/OS Implementation Workshop5 days€ 3.800,00
TIMZCRTivoli Information Management for z/OS – Coding Reports2 days€ 1.640,00
OMEGATivoli Omegamon3 days€ 2.460,00
TPFIOTPF Introduction for Operators3 days€ 2.460,00
TPFTOTPF Technical Overview2 days€ 1.640,00
TWSZUsing TWSzOS – Tivoli Workload Scheduler (OPC)3 days€ 2.460,00
DB2XMLUsing XML with DB22 days€ 1.640,00
ZOSAOz/OS Advanced Operations4 days€ 3.040,00
ZAOTWMz/OS Advanced Operations Tech. & Workload Management4 days€ 3.040,00
ZOSBOz/OS Basic Operations3 days€ 2.460,00
ZOSIz/OS for Beginners2 days€ 1.640,00
ZOSTIz/OS Foundation Fast Track (ZOS, TSO, JCL)5 days€ 3.800,00
ES07Gz/OS JCL and Utilities4,5 days€ 3.800,00
ES28Gz/OS JES2 Operator Training2,5 days€ 2.460,00
JCLz/OS Job Control Language3 days€ 2.460,00
ZOSTSSz/OS Jump Start for Technical Support Staff5 days€ 3.800,00
ESB1Gz/OS Management Facility Implementation and Use3 days€ 2.460,00
ES52Gz/OS REXX Programming Workshop4,5 days€ 3.800,00
ES27Gz/OS System Operators3 days€ 2.460,00
TSOz/OS TSO/ISPF Workshop2 days€ 1.640,00
SS83Gz/OS VSAM and Access Method Services4 days€ 3.040,00
ZV02Gz/VM Introduction and Concepts3 days€ 2.460,00
VMOz/VM Overview2 days€ 1.640,00
VSEFTz/VSE Fast Track for Technical Support Staff5 days€ 3.800,00