Parallel Sysplex Technical Overview

Code: PSTO


This class explains how the mainframe environment has been revolutionised with the advent of the parallel sysplex architecture and its integration within z/OS. The course looks at why parallel sysplex was introduced, examines the CMOS mainframes and the parallel sysplex environment, discusses the application exploitation of the features and covers the major enhancements to MVS to support the parallel sysplex. This class is designed to make sure the participants truly appreciate the significance of the parallel sysplex environment, and understand all its implications, from the point of view of the business requirements.


This course is for systems programmers, senior operations and technical support personnel or their managers. It would also be beneficial to anyone interested in learning about parallel sysplex in the z/OS environment.


To benefit from this course, participants need a familiarity with the current z/OS structure, concepts, operation and workload environments.


On completion of the course students acquire an understanding of:

  • What a parallel sysplex actually is.
  • The real reasons for the Parallel Sysplex environment.
  • The concepts and implementation of the parallel sysplex.
  • How a sysplex is managed by z/OS.
  • The current and planned levels of exploitation of these features.


Introduction to Parallel Sysplex.
CMOS Mainframes.
Data Sharing.
Sysplex Management.
Application exploitation.

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