DB2 for z/OS Data Sharing Implementation

Code: DB2DSI


The course provides detailed technical coverage of DB2 for z/OS Data Sharing.


This is an advanced course suitable for DBAs, systems programmers, and operations personnel who are involved in planning for and implementing DB2 Data Sharing. The course can be delivered at any version of DB2.


A good knowledge of DB2 in a non-Data Sharing environment and of z/OS systems is required.


The course provides detailed technical coverage of DB2 for z/OS Data Sharing. It covers the main technical issues that need to be addressed when implementing Data Sharing.


Parallel Sysplex.
DB2 Data Sharing.
Protecting Data Consistency.

Planning For Data Sharing
Reasons for Using Data Sharing.
Hardware and Software Prerequisites.
Costs of Data Sharing.
Naming Standards.
Availability Issues.
CFRM Policy.
Sizing CF Structures.
Sizing Datasets.

Protecting Data Consistency
Group Buffer Pools 
Group Buffer Pool Processing.
Controlling GBPs.
Global Locking.
L-Locks and P-Locks.
Lock Processing.
False, XES, and Real Contention.
Pageset P-Lock Negotiation.

Implementing Data Sharing
Enabling Data Sharing.
Adding Another Member.
Disabling Data Sharing.

Connecting to a Data Sharing Group
Local Connection.
Remote Connection.

Recovery Issues
Application Data Recovery.
CF Structure Failures.
DB2 Member Failure.
Disaster Recovery.

Operation & Monitoring
Console Messages.
DB2 Commands.
MVS XCF Commands.
Retained Locks.

System Performance Issues
CF Size and Links.
Lock Structure Tuning.
Reducing Inter-DB2 RW Interest.
Lock Avoidance.
Monitoring Global Locking.
Group Buffer Pool Tuning.
SCA Tuning.
DB2 Statistics Trace.
RMF Reports.
Auto Alter.

Application Performance Issues
Space Map Considerations.
Sysplex Query Parallelism.
DB2 Accounting Trace.

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