z/OS Basic Operations



This course teaches the basics of operating a z/OS system.


This course is suitable for new operators, operations support staff and systems programmers who are responsible for monitoring and controlling the z/OS operating system and subsystems within their installation.


Delegates should have an understanding of the z/OS operating system, as taught in our z/OS for Beginners course, and be familiar with TSO/ISPF, as taught in our z/OS TSO/ISPF Workshop course.


After completing this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Start and stop the system.
  • View the SYSLOG and MCS consoles and understand the general format of displayed messages.
  • Use SDSF and the standard console services to enter commands and interpret the associated responses.
  • Monitor and control:
    • Devices under control of z/OS.
    • Jobs within the system.
    • The status of the z/OS system and associated subsystems.


Introduction to Operating z/OS
The role of the operator within the installation.
An overview of operator communications.
Operating concepts within LPARs and within a SYSPLEX.

General Systems Monitoring
Displaying z/OS environmental information.
Displaying JES2 environmental information.

Console Management
The K S command.
The D C command.
Console recovery commands.
Consoles and PFKs.
Controlling Display Areas.

Device Control
Software status of devices.
System managed and non-system managed volumes.
Monitoring and changing the status of:
• SMS storage groups.
• SMS volumes.
• MVS volumes.
Hardware status of devices.

Controlling Work Within z/OS
Controlling JES2 initiators and classes.
JES2 and the Workload Manager.
Using SDSF.
Displaying and cancelling jobs.
Controlling printer output and print classes.

Controlling Subsystems Within z/OS
Started tasks.
UNIX services.
CICS and DB2.

Starting and Stopping the System
IPLing the system.
The HMC and NIP console.
DASD device issues at IPL time.
The LOADxx member of parmlib.
Closing down the system.

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3 days


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