DB2 for z/OS Data Sharing Performance Tuning



The course provides a technical introduction to the main concepts of DB2 for z/OS Data Sharing. It then looks in detail at performance monitoring and tuning in a DB2 Data Sharing environment.


This is an advanced course suitable for DBAs and systems programmers.


Students should have attended the DB2 for z/OS System Performance Tuning course.


At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the main factors that affect DB2 Data Sharing performance.
  • Use the DB2 Statistics Trace to monitor a DB2 Data Sharing Group.
  • Identify the causes of performance problems and understand the options available to reduce or eliminate them.


Parallel Sysplex.
DB2 Data Sharing.
CFRM Policy.
Protecting Data Consistency.
Group Buffer Pools.
Global Locking.

Performance Issues
Performance Objectives.
Costs of Data Sharing.
CPU Costs.
CF Links.
Sizing CF Structures.

Operation & Monitoring
DB2 Commands.
MVS XCF Commands.
Retained Locks.
DB2 Traces.
RMF Reports.

Group Buffer Pool Processing
Group Buffer Pool Processing.
Pageset P-Locks.
Page Registration.
Directory Reclaims.
GBP Writes.
Page P-Locks.
GBP Duplexing.

Group Buffer Pool Tuning
Controlling GBPs.
Initial Sizing of the GBPs.
Group Buffer Pool Tuning. 
Reducing Inter-DB2 R/W Interest.
Monitoring Group Buffer Pools.
GBP Tuning Recommendations.
Monitoring Using Commands.

Lock Structure Tuning
Global Lock Structure.
Lock Processing.
False, XES, and Real Contention.
Lock Structure Duplexing.
Initial Sizing of LOCK1.
Lock Structure Tuning.
Lock Avoidance.
Monitoring Global Locking.

SCA Tuning

Application Issues
Controlling GBP Caching.
Reducing Page P-Locks.
Reducing Pageset L-Lock Activity.
Reducing L-Lock Propagation.
Sysplex Query Parallelism.
DB2 Accounting Trace.

RMF Monitoring

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2 days


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  • Virtual (instructor online)


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