IMS Performance Monitoring and Tuning



Learn about IMS Performance evaluation and improvement.


This course is for database and system administrators involved in IMS performance evaluation and tuning.

z/OS system programmers and senior application developers may benefit from this class.


Delegates should have:

  • A basic knowledge of IMS concepts.
  • An understanding of the IMS environment (online, batch, and database utilities).
  • Working knowledge of the installations IMS system.
  • Background in the administration of the IMS databases and system.
  • Familiarity with z/OS control programs.
  • Knowledge of VSAM KSDS file structure and VSAM Access Method Services (AMS).


To learn about IMS Performance evaluation and improvement.

The theoretical knowledge will be reinforced by lab exercises based on an analysis of production system performance information. Where appropriate, additional data gathering and analysis may be performed.


Setting up a performance strategy.
Perceiving problems.
Determining performance objectives.
Understanding the data sources.
IMS installation and setup.
Log analysis.
IMS Monitor analysis.
Database call traces.
Selected z/OS information.
Analysing the data.
Predicting and evaluating changes.

Price (ex. VAT)

€ 2.460,00 per person


3 days


  •  virtual
  •  08-07-2024 - 10-07-2024
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Delivery methods

  • Classroom
  • On-site (at your location)
  • Virtual (instructor online)


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