System Programmer


System programmer (SysProg) Courses

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ES35GAdvanced Assembler Language Coding Workshop5 days€ 3.800,00
ES90GAdvanced Parallel Sysplex Operations and Recovery Workshop4,5 days€ 3.800,00
SYSMODAdvanced SMP/E and SYSMOD Packaging3 days€ 2.460,00
ES85GAdvanced z OS Performance: WLM, Sysplex, UNIX Services, z Systems4,5 days€ 3.800,00
AFPIAFP Introduction1 days€ 820,00
AFPSAFP Resource Structure3 days€ 2.460,00
AFPRAFP Resources4 days€ 3.040,00
AVTAMApplied VTAM4 days€ 3.040,00
APPNAPPN Advanced Peer to Peer Networking2 days€ 1.640,00
ES34GAssembler Language Coding Workshop5 days€ 3.800,00
ES54GBasic z/OS Tuning Using the Workload Manager4,5 days€ 3.800,00
ES19GBasics of z/OS RACF Administration4,5 days€ 3.800,00
CPMAINCapacity Planning in the Mainframe Environment3 days€ 2.460,00
CICSWASCICS & WebSphere Application Server on zSeries5 days€ 3.800,00
WM865GCICS Command Level Coding5 days€ 3.800,00
CICSSPCICS for System Programmers5 days€ 3.800,00
CICSFSPCICS Fundamentals and System Programmers5 days€ 4.750,00
CICSIWCICS Internals and Workshop4 days€ 3.040,00
CICSSACICS System Administration5 days€ 3.800,00
WM875GCICS V5 Advanced Application Development for SOA and Web Services4 days€ 3.040,00
WM852GCICS V5 Basic Tailoring5 days€ 3.800,00
WM856GCICS V5.3 CICSPlex System Manager Administration5 days€ 3.800,00
WM806GCICS V5.3 Fundamentals3 days€ 2.460,00
WM816GCICS V5.3 Systems Tailoring and Administration5 days€ 3.800,00
CICSWECICS Web Enablement4 days€ 3.040,00
CV851GDB2 10 for zOS System Administration5 days€ 3.800,00
CV852GDB2 11 for zOS System Administration5 days€ 3.800,00
CV844GDb2 12 for z/OS Basic Database Administration3 days€ 2.460,00
SS84GDFSMS Implementation4 days€ 3.040,00
SS86GDFSMShsm Implementation5 days€ 3.800,00
RMMICDFSMSrmm Implementation and Control3 days€ 2.460,00
SMPEEUEffective use of SMP/E4 days€ 3.040,00
ES10GFundamental System Skills in z/OS5 days€ 3.800,00
ES96GHardware Configuration and Definition (HCD) for z/OS4 days€ 3.040,00
HCDDRHCD and Dynamic Reconfiguration3 days€ 2.460,00
HSMICHSM Implementation and Control3 days€ 2.460,00
WM302GIBM MQ System Administration for z/OS4 days€ 3.040,00
WM312GIBM MQ V8 Advanced System Administration for z/OS4 days€ 3.040,00
ZDIAGIBM System z Diagnostics & Architecture5 days€ 3.800,00
ES24GIBM System z Hardware Management Console (HMC) Operations2 days€ 1.640,00
TZ243GIBM Tivoli NetView for zOS 6.1 Fundamentals, Automation, REXX, PIPEs5 days€ 3.800,00
IWSITIBM Workload Scheduler Installation and Configuration (IWS/TWS/OPC)3 days€ 2.460,00
ESZ0GIBM z/OS Bootcamp10 days€ 7.600,00
ICFCMICF Catalog Management Workshop3 days€ 2.460,00
TCPZImplementing TCP/IP on z/OS3 days€ 2.460,00
IMSDSSIMS Data Sharing in a Sysplex3 days€ 2.460,00
ZV45GInstalling, Configuring, and Managing KVM for IBM z System3 days€ 2.460,00
ZV06GInstalling, Configuring, and Servicing z/VM5 days€ 3.800,00
OP05GIntroducing z/OS UNIX System Services2,5 days€ 2.460,00
IPSECZIP Security on z/OS4 days€ 3.040,00
ISPFDMISPF Dialog Management5 days€ 3.800,00
JES2ICJES2 Implementation & Customisation3 days€ 2.460,00
ZLNXLinux for zSeries Installation Workshop2 days€ 1.640,00
PSFParallel Sysplex Fundamentals3 days€ 2.460,00
PSIParallel Sysplex Implementation3 days€ 2.460,00
ES42GParallel Sysplex Implementation Workshop4,5 days€ 3.800,00
RACFUNXRACF – Securing z/OS UNIX2 days€ 1.640,00
ES26GSMP/E for z/OS Workshop4,5 days€ 3.800,00
SMPESMP/E Workshop4 days€ 3.040,00
SMSICSMS Implementation and Control3 days€ 2.460,00
SNAFSNA Fundamentals3 days€ 2.460,00
CB69GTCP/IP for z/OS Implementation Workshop5 days€ 3.800,00
NW79GTCP/IP for z/OS: Diagnostics and Debugging4 days€ 3.040,00
NW75GTCP/IP High Availability Solutions for z/OS4 days€ 3.040,00
TIMZICTivoli Information Management for z/OS – Initial Customisation4 days€ 3.040,00
ZOSUNXUNIX Implementation and Use on z/OS3 days€ 2.460,00
ES68GWebSphere for z/OS Version 8.5 Implementation4,5 days€ 3.800,00
ES15Gz/OS Facilities4,5 days€ 3.800,00
ZOSSPz/OS for System Programmers5 days€ 3.800,00
ES41Gz/OS Installation Using ServerPac4,5 days€ 3.800,00
ES07Gz/OS JCL and Utilities4,5 days€ 3.800,00
ESB3Gz/OS Management Facility Implementation and Use3 days€ 2.460,00
ES52Gz/OS REXX Programming Workshop4,5 days€ 3.800,00
SZ81Gz/OS Security Server RACF, Implementing and Customization3 days€ 2.460,00
ZSMFz/OS Storage Management Fundamentals4 days€ 3.040,00
ES40Gz/OS System Programmer Fundamentals4 days€ 3.040,00
ZOSSSz/OS System Services4 days€ 3.040,00
ES20Gz/OS System Services Structure4,5 days€ 3.800,00
ZOSSPIz/OS Systems Programming Introduction4 days€ 3.040,00
OP25Gz/OS UNIX System Services Implementation4,5 days€ 3.800,00
SS83Gz/OS VSAM and Access Method Services4 days€ 3.040,00
ZOSWMz/OS Workload Manager3 days€ 2.460,00
ZL00Gz/VM and Linux on IBM Z and LinuxONE Bootcamp5 days€ 3.800,00
VMDz/VM In Depth2 days€ 1.640,00
ZV02Gz/VM Introduction and Concepts3 days€ 2.460,00
ZFSEzFS Exploitation2 days€ 1.640,00