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 Courses and Workshops

We can run training in any area. Training can be standard or customized. In nearly every case, the courses are customized to meet our customer’s requirements. If there are no courses that cover your needs, we run a workshop with a subject matter expert.

  Training Areas

z/OS, z/VM, z/Linux, Unix, LinuxONE, JCL, JES2, TSO/ISPF, SMP/E, ServerPac, VSAM, Cobol, Assembler, PL/I, REXX, DB2, IMS, CICS, SQL, RACF, zSecure, Encryption, Blockchain, TCP/IP, KVM, HCD, DFSMS, DS8000, Parallel Sysplex, Workload Manager, WebSphere, MQ, NetView, and more.

  Selected Courses

IWS/TWS/OPC Installation and Configuration
CICS 6.1
DB2 v13
Development (Cobol, PL/I, Assembler, etc)


Academies focus on preparing a person or team for a specific role and adding resiliency to the team of experts. It’s important to highlight that every Academy is unique. We work with our customers to adapt our Academy (courses, workshops, mentoring, etc) to their needs.

  Academy Areas

We have the following Academies:

  Delivery methods

We can deliver training:

  • On-site in a classroom
  • On-site at your company
  • Remote-online
  • Hybrid (combination of classroom and remote)

 Customers & Cases

Our customers are within Banking, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Government, IT Services, others.

The sample cases below can potentially help you relate your requirements to how we can help you.

  • A merged MQ Application Development and Administration course, that took advantage of the topic overlap in both courses and was used to train MQ Developers and Administrators, as well as to broaden their knowledge.
  • A custom DB2 Recovery tool workshop that focused on the required recovery cases.
  • Application Developer Academy, aimed at developers without prior Mainframe experience. The Academy focused on introducing the participants to z/OS, the programming language of interest (Cobol), and the sub-systems they used.
  •  A Multiple Academy case (Cross Training, SysOp, SysProg), where we work together with our customer to prepare for their long-term goals