JES3 Operators Overview

Code: JES3O


This course provides an overview of the operation of JES3.


This course is designed for operations, scheduling, and help desk personnel. Systems programmers looking for an introduction to JES3 will also benefit from attending.


Delegates should have a basic understanding of JES3 concepts.


After successfully completing this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand JES3 functions.
  • Use JES3 within the scope of Sysplex.
  • Use JES3 command to control components of the JES3 System.
  • Use the proper format of JES3 commands to control components of the JES3 system.
  • Use JES3 commands to control remote stations and lines.
  • Use the JES3 commands to control the SPOOL function.
  • Use JES3 commands to control jobs in the JES3 environment.


JES3 Functions
Single system image.
Workload balancing.
Control flexibility.
Physical planning flexibility.

JES3 Within the Sysplex Environment
Single processor environment.
Multi processor environment.
JES 3 spool for shared data storage.
Processor communications.

Controlling JES3 Devices and Functions
Overview of devices.
JES3 Input and Output Processing.
JES3 support for operator console devices.
JES3 command routing.
JES3 message formatting and queuing.

JES3 Network Control
Remote job processing in JES3 environment.
BSC remote job processing.
SNA remote job processing.
Support for APPC.

JES3 Spool Functions
Types of startup.
Spool utilization.
Problem determination.

JES3 Commands for Job Control
Commands for obtaining and changing status.
Resource management for operations.
Starting and stopping devices.
Placing devices on-line and offline.
Workload management for operators.

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