System Programmer (SysProg)

Academy Courses

A full System Programmer (SysProg) Academy can last around 20 to 30 weeks.
The length and courses of your academy will vary depending on requirements, tools, subsystems, desired level (basic, intermediate, advanced), internal roles, etc.

It is possible to cover an introduction SysProg Academy to introduce a new team to the basics, and before moving on to the next stages of the training process.

Another option is to train SysOps to become SysProgs, in which case their Academy will be shortened as a result of their knowledge and experience.

Advanced courses
Further training is possible to learn about different topics or to specialize within areas of interest.

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Sample SysProg Academy

Module A

5 days

Module B

4 days

Module C

3 days

Module D

Module E

4 days

Module F

Module G

Module H

Module I

5 days

Module J