DB2 Overview

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This course is a basic introduction to DB2, IBM's Relational Database Management System. It will present to the student a comprehensive overview of the DB2 Product. DB2 as a formal DBMS (Data Base Management System) is presented in a manner that will enhance the attendees utilisation and implementation of DB2. The course includes an introduction to DB2 and how it performs as both a formal DBMS and a Relational DBMS; as well as presenting the facilities that are included in the DB2 product.


All personnel who will be working with DB2 and require a comprehensive overview of the functions of DB2, the DB2 product family (up to the latest release of DB2) and how to utilise the DB2 environment under all platforms (Linux, UNIX, Windows, iSeries and z/OS).


There are no required prerequisites, but a basic understanding of relational databases is useful.


After taking this course the student should be able to understand:

  • The objects that comprise a Relational Database.
  • The components that make up the DB2 Product.
  • The tabular format of data, and how these tables are related.
  • The DB2 Environment and its associated attachments.
  • The functions of the Structured Query Language (SQL).
  • Execution Environments.


Introduction to Relational Database Systems
Definition of a Relational Data Base Management System.
The relational model and how it is implemented by the DB2 product.
The relational rules that govern RDBMS's and how well DB2 supports those rules.

The DB2 Structure
Logical Data Structures.
Physical Data Structures.
The System Objects.
Communications Database.
Buffer Pools.

The DB2 Environment
The DB2 Operational Environment.
Distributed Data Facility.
Data Sharing.

Structured Query Language
Data Definition Language (DDL).
Data Manipulation Language (DML).
Data Control Language (DCL).
Dynamic SQL.
Static SQL.
Embedded SQL.
Application Development using SQL.

The DB2 Facilities and Product Family
DB2 Interactive (DB2I)Command Center.
Control Center.
Command Prompt.
Data Studio.
SPUFI (SQL Processing Using File Input).
DB2 Utilities.

DB2 Implementation and Use
DB2 support structure.
DB2 policies and procedures.
DB2 standards.

DB2 Implementation Task List

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