QMF Workshop

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This course provides a solid introduction to IBM's Query Management Facility (QMF). Machine labs are used extensively to provide greater familiarity with QMF. The course uses lecture, paper exercises and hands on workshops.


All personnel working with QMF who require a comprehensive overview of QMF in order to develop their skills in its use.


An understanding of TSO is helpful but not necessary.

The course assumes no prior knowledge of the SQL language.


After completing the course, delegates will understand:

  • The objects, which comprise a relational database.
  • The tabular format of data, and how these tables are related.
  • The components that make up the QMF product.
  • The QMF environment and its facilities.
  • Basic SQL syntax.
  • How to build queries in QMF.
  • How to use forms to tailor reports from query results.
  • How to create graphic displays of reports.
  • How to build QMF procedures.


Introduction to QMF
QMF features.
QMF basics.
How QMF helps you.
How QMF works.
Objects in temporary storage.
The relationship of query, data, report and chart.
Using QMF application support facilities.

Getting Started with QMF
Stored data.
Starting a QMF session.
Obtaining help.
The SHOW command.
Retrieving a command.
Ending a QMF session.

Using Prompted Query
Getting started with Prompted Query.
Prompted Query panels.
Obtaining help in Prompted Query.
Prompted Query commands.

Using SQL Queries
Format of SQL Queries.
Creating an SQL Query.
Running a query.
Changing an SQL Query.
Selecting and organising SQL Query data.
Selecting on conditions.
Using Calculated Values.
Selecting from Multiple Tasks.
SQL Query exercises.

General Query Tasks
Interrupting a Query.
Viewing the results of a Query - The Report.
Scrolling the report.
Saving a Query.
Listing saved Queries.
Displaying saved Queries.
Converting a Query.

Using Forms to Format Reports
Formatting and changing a Format.
Control columns and usage codes.
Obtaining help.
Form exercises.

Displaying Reports as Charts
Where data appears on a chart.
Using form panels to change your chart.
Changing chart type.
Saving a chart.
Chart exercises.

Using the Table Editor
Copying a table.
Adding rows to a table.
Changing rows in a table.
Table Editor exercises.

Advanced Topics
Creating a query and form for use by others.
Using models and variables.
Creating a procedure.
Creating and maintaining tables.
Exporting and importing objects.
Using the database object list.

Price (ex. VAT)

€ 1.640,00 per person


2 days


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  •  15-07-2024 - 16-07-2024
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  •  07-10-2024 - 08-10-2024
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  •  02-12-2024 - 03-12-2024
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Delivery methods

  • Classroom
  • On-site (at your location)
  • Virtual (instructor online)


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