z/VM Overview

Code: VMO


This course provides an introduction to VM/ESA and z/VM.


This course is for anyone interested in a general overview or introduction to VM/ESA or z/VM.


Delegates need to have an understanding of basic data processing and software concepts. Additionally, they should be able to describe and use S/390 or zSeries computer systems.


At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the concepts and facilities of a VM/ESA and z/VM system.
  • Bring up the VM system, including service virtual machines.
  • Run the VM system.
  • Control local devices.
  • Respond to VM errors.
  • Shut down the VM system.


VM/ESA, z/VM and Earlier Versions of VM
Guest operating system support.
Components of a VM system.
Control Program (CP).

Conversational Monitor System (CMS)
ISPF/PDF Differences.
REXX under CMS:
• VM user directory.
• VM disk usage.
• CMS file systems.
• CMS disk usage.

System Maintenance Tools
Directory Maintenance Facility (DIRMAINT).
Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem for VM.
Virtual Machine Serviceability Enhancements - Staged/Extended.
System Administration:
• Group Control System (GCS).
• Remote Spooling Communications Subsystem (RSCS).
• TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.
• Other Networking Services.
• System management tools.
• Security and Integrity.
• VM operator consoles.
• Bringing up the VM system.
• Running the VM Operator's Virtual Machine.
• Running the System.
• Managing users.
• Guest operating system support.
• Shutting down the VM system.
• Managing local devices.
• Managing printers.
• Managing the printer and reader queue.
• System backup.
• Inter-system communications.

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