z/OS Workload Manager



This course is designed to give the delegates a detailed overview of z/OS Workload Manager.


Systems programmers, technical support staff, performance specialists, and capacity planning analysts who are responsible for z/OS performance. Systems programmers responsible for a major subsystem will also benefit as will technical managers.


The course assumes a knowledge or experience of z/OS, including an appreciation of system performance. Whilst attending our z/OS for Beginners course is not essential, it will give the desired level of knowledge.


After taking this course the student will be able to:

  • State how WLM differs from SRM.
  • Describe how WLM differs from SRM.
  • Describe how WLM can simplify performance.
  • Use the WLM ISPF dialogues.
  • Understand and use the RMF reports associated with WLM.
  • Demonstrate how subsystems interact with WLM.
  • Understand the WLM macros.


What is the Workload Manager?
Goal mode and compatibility mode of the Workload Manager.
How the Workload Manager operates in a single system.
How the Workload Manager operates in a parallel sysplex.
Transaction routing; what it is and how it helps.
An introduction to the Workload Manager controls.

The Workload Manager Macros
Why are macro services required?
What macro services are available?
How the different macro services are used.
An overview of the major WLM macros.

Coding the Service Definitions
Structure of the service definitions.
Creating and modifying the definitions.
A detailed examination of each definition covering all the parameters and their use.
A paper based coding exercise.
The WLM Dialogues.
The flow and structure of the dialogues.
Samples of major dialogue screens.

The Workload Manager RMF Reports
Introduction to the Workload Manager RMF reports.
The new Monitor III reports - how to read and use them.
The new Monitor I reports - how to read and use them.
How to use SMF Type 99 records.

Exploitation of the Workload Manager
How to set up z/OS to be able to use the Workload Manager.
How to establish realistic goal values.
The Workload Manager console commands.
How to switch between compatibility mode and goal mode.
Migrating a parallel sysplex to use the Workload Manager.
Making the best use of the Workload Manager.

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