AFP Resource Structure

Code: AFPS


This course teaches delegates the format of the AFP structured field record, and, using relevant AFP Architecture manuals, the structured fields contained in AFP objects, resources, print data sets and the document index.


This course is intended for all users who need to understand the structure of the Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) resources and of the AFP objects which may be contained therein. This audience may include operations support personnel, programmers and systems programmers and administrators.


Delegates should be familiar with the basic concepts of data processing in an operating system with a spooling subsystem. They should also have some experience of AFP and its applications, which can be gained by attending our AFP Introduction course.

NOTE: The customer must have access to the AFP Architecture Manuals, either hard or soft copy. There will be some desk exercises, creating some structured fields which the delegate may wish to either view or print if suitable facilities are available.


During this course, delegates will analyse AFP objects and resource types, extract significant information from them and, using a suitable browser and/or editor, make relevant modifications to aid understanding.


An Brief Overview of AFP
Concepts and terminology.
AFP resources.

AFP Font Resources
Font structure and components.
Structured Fields in Font Components.
Coded Fonts.
Character Sets.

Page Definitions
Page Definition structure.
Data Maps and Active Environment Groups.
Data Map Transmission Subcase.
Structured Field Analysis.
What we can see clearly in EBCDIC.

Form Definitions
Form Definition structure.
Document Environment Groups and Medium Maps.
Structured Field Analysis.
What we can see clearly in EBCDIC.

Page Segments
Page Segment structure.
IM1 and IOCA Image Objects.
GOCA Graphics Objects.
Structured Field Analysis.

Electronic Overlays
Electronic Overlay structure.
Invoking Overlays.
Objects which can be contained in Overlays.

AFP Print Data Sets
Page Data Set structure.
Line Data Set structure.
Inline Resources.

Bar Code Objects
Bar Code Object structure.
Object Environment Group and Bar Code Data Descriptor.

Presentation Text Objects
The Presentation Text (PTX) Record.
Text Control Sequences.

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