APPN Advanced Peer to Peer Networking

Code: APPN


This course teaches Advanced Peer to Peer Networking on z/OS.


This seminar is for all technical support and communications staff who wish to be acquainted with APPN.


Ideally, the student should have a basic understanding of Classic SNA.


At the end of the course, the delegate should be able to:

  • List the main limitations of SNA relative to current-day computing trends, especially Client/Server computing.
  • Explain the functions of Low Entry, End and Network Node.
  • Compare and contrast APPN domains and addressing versus SNA subareas.
  • Itemise major services provided by the APPN Network Node.
  • Describe APPN's Topology Database Maintenance function.
  • Characterize APPN support.
  • Plan a migration from subarea SNA to VTAM APPN.


Where APPN Came From
The IBM Networking Blueprint.
Driving Market Forces.

Matching Needs to Products
Multiprotocol transport.
Emerging high speed networks.

The IBM Networking Blueprint
Multivendor Applications.
Multiprotocol Transport Network.
Fast Packet Subnetworks.
Networking Blueprint Summary.

Limitations of “Classic SNA”
APPC Transaction Programs (LU6.2).
LU6.2 Sessions and Programs.
Bind and LU6.2.
Sample Conversation.
Old SNA Constraints on APPC.

Evolution of New SNA
Link Level LEN Connections.
Using LENs over a LAN.
APPN Basics.
APPN Terms.
LU-LU Sessions from LEN Nodes.
LEN and EN Implications.
Naming and Addressing.

Subarea SNA Compared to APPN
SNA and APPN Domains compared.

APPN's Protocol Evolution
Recent Developments - ATM.
The APPN Implementer's Workshop:
• Cisco.
• IBM.
• Bay Networks.

APPN in Depth
APPN CP-CP Sessions.
How CPs exchange Capabilities.
CP-CP Session Flow.
APPN Topology Database Maintenance.
Class of Service.
Transmission Groups.
Routing; Route Selection process.
Directory Services within Network Nodes.
How APPN finds Resources.
How to connect an APPN network.

Network Management
Managing APPN.
Comparing SNA and APPN Network Management Models.
Focal Points and Entry Points.
Multidomain Support.
MS Data Routing.

APPN Review

The 3174 Cluster Controller in APPN
The 3174 APPN Feature.
Peer to Peer Operation.
As a Virtual LAN Hub.
As a source routing bridge.

Other Product Support for APPN
LEN VTAM Support.
Dependent LUs over APPN Networks.

How to Migrate to APPN

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