AFP Introduction

Code: AFPI


This course describes the capabilities of Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) and defines and demonstrates the roles of each of the standard AFP resources. It also shows how the user can specify the relevant resources when printing a data set or file using AFP.


This course is intended for all users who need an overview of IBM's Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) and an understanding of what the standard AFP resources can do. These include application programmers, system analysts, print administrators and other data processing professionals who will generate data to be printed on an AFP printer.


Delegates should be familiar with printing applications and data processing with a spooling environment for printing.


Key topics include:

  • Page definitions.
  • Form definitions.
  • Overlays.
  • Fonts.
  • Page segments.


An Overview of AFP
Concepts and terminology.
AFP resources.
Using fonts and code pages.
Categories of AFP application.
More about Presentation.

Electronic Overlays
Overlay concepts.
How Electronic Overlays may be used.

Page Definitions
Page Definition concepts for processing traditional line data print files.
Using channel codes.
Using Fields and creating Bar Codes.
Demonstrating how a page definition may be built using PPFA.

Form Definitions
Form Definition concepts for printing composed (MO:DCA-P) pages.
Using field suppression and overlays.
Demonstrating how a form definition may be built using PPFA.

Graphics and Image with AFP
Concepts and terminology.
How graphics and image objects and page segments may be used.

More Advanced Concepts
Multiple page formats in page definitions and copy groups in form definitions.
Relative PRINTLINE in page definitions.
Record formatting data options.
Duplexing options.
Using table reference characters.
Conditional processing in page definitions.
Basic power positioning vs. Multiple-Up.
Enhanced power positioning flexibility.
Bar code creation.

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