Parallel Sysplex Implementation

Code: PSI


This class examines the issues involved in implementing the parallel sysplex environment. It examines the two main types of parallel sysplex implementation, the “PSLC sysplex” and the continuous availability sysplex. The benefits and implications of both approaches are discussed, along with the planning and preparation issues. The class then teaches how to set up the sysplex, with particular emphasis on the continuous availability environment. It covers hardware configuration issues, setting up the cloned z/OS environment, setting up the sysplex software environment, setting up sysplex data sharing and the system logger.


This class is designed for system programmers and support staff involved in setting up and running a parallel sysplex environment.


To gain maximum benefit from this class, students should first attend the Parallel Sysplex Technical Overview class, or have a thorough understanding of the principles and mechanics of the parallel sysplex environment.


At the end of this class, students will be able to:

  • Identify the different stages of parallel sysplex implementation, and understand the benefits and implications of implementing each of these stages.
  • Plan and implement an appropriate hardware configuration for their intended sysplex, including the coupling facility, CTC and sysplex timer environments - Set up a cloned, multi-system, shared SYSRES environment with appropriate SYS1.PARMLIB parameters (and a suitable backup SYSRES!).
  • Set up and maintain the controls for the basic sysplex environment, including the couple datasets, signalling environment, sysplex timer, GRS and parmlib member controls.
  • Set up and maintain the CFRM environment.
  • Set up and maintain the system logger environment - Interpret the various RMF reports associated with the sysplex environment.


Hardware Configuration.
Software Configuration.
Setting up the sysplex.
Coupling Facility Management.
System Logger.

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