Writing REXX Programs for z/OS

Code: REXX


REXX is a general purpose, high-level, procedural language used in interactive programs. It offers significant advantages over the older EXEC/EXEC2 (VM) and CLIST (TSO and NetView) interpreted languages. REXX is similar to PL/1 or Pascal in syntax and structure, but has quite a few implementation unique capabilities.

This class is available for z/OS and z/VM, but can be adapted to Linux, UNIX and Windows.


This course is aimed at operators, analysts, system administrators, and technical support personnel who have a need to write, understand, or maintain REXX programs.


Delegates should have some previous programming experience, or programming training, in any language.

For delegates working in the z/VM environment, the ability to create and modify files using the XEDIT editor is necessary.

For delegates working in the z/OS environment, familiarity with z/OS TSO concepts and the ability to create and modify files using the ISPF editor is necessary.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Code REXX instructions with proper syntax.
  • Construct program logic using REXX control flow instructions.
  • Invoke and pass parameters to REXX programs.
  • Code REXX instructions to accomplish file and terminal I/O.
  • Describe the purpose and use of the data stack.
  • Write REXX programs that use the data stack.
  • Use REXX built-in functions to manipulate data.
  • Create user defined functions and subroutines.
  • Code REXX instructions that parse complex data strings.
  • Debug REXX programs using the REXX TRACE facility.
  • Identify the use of REXX command Environment.


Background and history of the REXX language.
REXX position in Systems Application Architecture (SAA).
REXX Environment.
Structure and Syntax.
Control instructions.
Sub-routines and functions.
REXX Built-in functions.
Data Stack Management.
File Processing.
TSO/E Exploitation.
Extensions to the languages that are pertinent to each student's environment.

Students are encouraged to develop REXX programs in class that may be useful in their current work environment.

NOTE: For any of the following optional modules, please contact us prior to the course to confirm precise requirements:
• REXX & ISPF Edit Macros.
• REXX & Netview.
• REXX & z/OS USS.
• REXX in an Open Source Environment.

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  • Virtual (instructor online)


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