DB2 for z/OS System Performance Tuning

Code: DB2ZPT


The course provides detailed coverage of System Performance Tuning for DB2 for z/OS.


This course is intended for DBAs and systems programmers.


Students should have attended the DB2 for z/OS Administration and DB2 for z/OS SQL Performance and Tuning courses.


The course provides detailed coverage of System Performance Tuning for DB2 for z/OS (see below for content).

The course includes demonstrations using any available online DB2 performance monitor and a paper workshop.


What is Performance?
Performance Factors.
Performance Objectives.

DB2 Architecture
DB2 Address Spaces.
RDS, DM and BM.
Connections and Threads.
Serialisation Mechanisms.
Resource Accounting.

System Resource Factors
Virtual Storage Layout.
CSA, SSAS, and IRLM Storage.
DBAS Storage.
DB2 System Parameters.
Allied Address Spaces.
DB2 and MVS Workload Manager.

Monitoring & Reporting
DB2 Instrumentation Facility.
Statistics, Accounting, and Performance Traces.
DB2PE Statistics Report.
Monitoring DBM1 Storage.

Buffer Pool Processes
Buffer Pool Basics.
Getpage Processing.
Sequential, Dynamic, and List Prefetch.
DB2 Sort.
Buffer Pool Thresholds.

Monitoring & Tuning the Buffer Pools
Buffer Pool Assignments.
Buffer Pool Settings.
Prefetch and Parallelism.
Monitoring and Tuning the Buffer Pools.

The EDM Pools
EDM Pool and DBD Cache.
Dynamic Statement Caching.
EDM Pools Monitoring and Tuning.

Log Buffers
Commit Processing.
Forward Recovery and Rollback.
Active Log, Archive Log, and BSDS.
Fast Log Apply.
Monitoring and Tuning DB2 Logging.

Transaction Locking
Lock Size, Mode, and Duration.
Tablespace Locks.
Page and Row Locks.
Lock Avoidance.
Page Latching, C_LSN, and PUNC.
Locking Parameters.
LOB Locking.
Monitoring and Tuning Locking.

Other Serialisation Mechanisms
Partition Independence.
Claim and Drain.
Restrictive States.
Monitoring Claim and Drain.

DB2 Attachments
The TSO, CICS, IMS, and Call Attaches.
Two Phase Commit.
Monitoring and Tuning the Attaches.

DDF, SPs, and UDFs

Utilities and Special Processes
Utility Performance Factors.
Utility Serialisation.
Load, Reorg, Copy, Recover, and Runstats.
Monitoring Utilities.
DB2 Catalog and Directory.

Other I/O Issues
Dataset Placement and Cache.
Pageset Open and Close.

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