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Academy requirements

No two academies are ever the same. There are different:

  • requirements
  • number of participants
  • levels of involvement from internal mentors
  • knowledge levels
  • knowledge transfer strategies
  • Timeframes
  • And other variables…

We want to help you, and in order to do so, we need to understand your needs. You are welcome to fill out the form that best suits your company’s needs.

Requirements Gathering Forms

Individual or Multiple Courses (Requirements Gathering Form)
Course Requirements

Academies (Requirements Gathering Forms)
Cross Training Academy
Application Developer Academy
Operations Academy
Systems Programmer (SysProg) Academy

We often hear companies say:

We can’t find any training.
No one can run the training that we need.’

However, when we talk with them and understand their requirements, it turns out that we can help companies in nearly every case.