Adabas Natural Programming

Code: ANP


This is a 5-day hands-on course that teaches programmers to design and code Natural 2 and Natural 3 Structured Mode programs interacting with Adabas databases.


Programmers requiring the ability to design and code in Natural will benefit from attending this course.


Delegates should ideally have some programming skills in another programming language.


The course provides all the information required to enable the students to design and code Natural 2 and Natural 3 Structured Mode programs that process data in an Adabas database.

The course includes detailed practical exercises.


Overview of Natural and Adabas
The Natural Development Environment.

Defining Data
Variables and Data Areas.
Defining database views.
Defining user variables.
Redefinition of variables.
The Data Editor.
Using the data area.

Basic Programming
The Program Editor.
Listing and deleting objects.
Move and Assign statements.

Accessing Data on the Database
The Find statement.
The With clause.
The Sorted By clause.
The Read and Histogram statements.
Nested database loops.
The Find Number statement.
The Where clause.
The Get statement.

Simple Reports
The Display statement.
Column headings and spacing.
Vertical display.
The Newpage, Skip, and Write statements.

Simple Transactions
The Input statement.
The Map Editor.
Using data areas in maps.
Editing fields.
Using the maps.

Conditional Processing and Loops
The If, Decide On, and Decide For statements.
Nested conditional statements.
The Repeat and Escape statements.
The For statement.
The Accept and Reject statements.
The Reinput statement.

Array Processing
User variable arrays.
Database arrays.

Arithmetic Processing
The Add and Subtract statements.
The Multiply and Divide statements.
The Compute statement.
Mathematical functions.
Array arithmetic.

Updating Database Records
Store, Delete, and Update statements.
Holding records.
Avoiding transaction timeouts.

Programs, Subroutines and Subprograms
Subroutines and Subprograms.
The Fetch statement.

Batch Processing
Reading and writing work files.
Printing in batch.

Advanced Report Writing
Titles and Trailers.
Break processing.
Using maps for reports.

Map Editor Advanced Functions
Help maps and help routines.
Processing rules.
Defining arrays in maps.

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  •  28-10-2024 - 01-11-2024
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